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The Facilities


Slip into a world of contemporary luxury that matches the comfort of accommodation in the core of Century Pine Resort. Featuring iconic designs that will wow your senses the moment you set your foot into our resort, we are sure to keep you amazed throughout your stay here! From the laid back ambiance that is furnished with utmost warmth by our hotel staff, you will find pleasure in our core. To top the whole accommodating experiences, we too features state of the art facilities like eatery heaven of pavilion lounge, patio restaurant and meeting tea break area; and the relaxation land of Spa, fitness center, sauna and Jacuzzi as well as the iconic grand ballroom that will cater for your every demand.



Indulge and treat yourself to a tranquilizing massage therapy that is out of the world by stepping into the core of Spa, a place that can offer the rejuvenation session that you always longed for. Taking advantage of the natural setting that is calming in nature plus the warm wooden interior that adds a sense of tranquility to the whole ambience, you will be hypnotize with the comforting effect unlike any others. Acting like a natural sedative to anyone that comes by, your pampering session will be filled with tremendous surprises that will eventually leave your body and soul feeling relaxed and refreshing by the end of the session. To top the whole experience is the water splashing sound and natures chirping melody that fills the air.

The Pines Cafe

Captivate the joy of eating and interacting with top quality delicacies by heading over to the Pines Café. The attentive services by our in-house staff as well as our signature chef will bring you on a culinary experience unlike any other. A magical dining experience where you and your loved ones can be accompanied by a charmed liked surrounding that is furnished with sprinkles of fairy dust by the cooling breeze. Concealed with utmost care by the lush greeneries, you will be greeted with an affection that leave you mesmerized all the time you are here in the Dining Terrence. For a more thoughtful touch by us, we also offer free Wi-Fi services so that all in-house guests can stay connected with family and friends while enjoying the lip-smacking cuisine.


Fitness Centre

Energizing your vacation is an easy practice here at the fitness room of our resort. Being a perfect pumping up spot for fitness fighters, you can get into the working out craze by hopping onto a treadmill to enhance your stamina level or stretch that extra muscle with our strength machine while toning it up at the same time. The combating moments can be further enhance with the airy environment that is furnished with energetic melodies to keep your adrenalin rush at its peak while you are here. To cool down, you can also hop onto the cycling machine. So what are you waiting for? Get on your exercising spirit and head over to our fitness room this evening and sweat it out.

Pavilion Lounge

Carving for a more laid back and relaxed dining experience with your loved ones, while overlooking the awesome greeneries that scattered around the hotel compound, and being sheltered with a sense of calmness is what you will find here at the heart of our Pavilion Lounge. You will be pampered by our signature chef with some of the highly recommended delicacies that will leave you craving for more. Each bite will challenge your taste bud, daring you to wobble them up. Apart from nature's backdrop, lovebird's romantic engagement can also be found here as the passionate ambiance adds a sense of romance to the whole area. Away from the hectic restaurant atmosphere, you will enjoy every minute here, as this is a dining experience that cannot be found elsewhere.


Souvenir Shop

Bring home a piece of Cameron Highlands with you! Explore our souvenir shop at Century Pines Resort, offering a wide range of delightful and unique keepsakes to commemorate your visit.

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Experience the breathtaking beauty of Cameron Highlands from the heart of comfort and luxury. Plan your unforgettable getaway with Century Pines Resort and explore the wonders of this lush paradise.

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